OUR NEW CLUB HOUSE – UPDATE 15/09/2019 - Barnstaple Pilot Gig Club


Most of you are aware that we completed the purchase of our club building (the Fuller Building) on 3rd July this year. Since then we have worked steadily on clearing unwanted materials inside and out, removing the derelict shed at the side, modifying plumbing and electrical services to meet our needs, making the perimeter boundary secure and chasing out mortar on the walls ready for re-pointing.

At the same time we have been negotiating with various contractors to begin the renovation works on the building, and I am now happy to report that Advanced Scaffolding have fixed full scaffolding all around the building ready for roof replacement.  This work has been done for the cost of the pavement licence and the debris netting only, and we are extremely grateful to Advanced Scaffolding for the support (both physically and financially!) that they have provided.

GM Asbestos is due on site tomorrow (16th September) to remove the existing roof, after which AD Roofing Services will install felt, battens, slates and rooflights to give us a brand new roof.  In between removing the old roofing and fixing the new roof, the rafters will have to be extended by ourselves and new fascia and soffit boards fitted. The completion date for the new roof is not yet certain, but it should all be complete by 27th September.

In addition West Country Doors will be on site on 21st September to install two new roller shutter doors.  Rob Horrell from Appledore will also be rendering the front elevation and part-rendering the side elevations while the scaffolding is still in place around the building.

As soon as the new roof is in place we need to work on the existing roof trusses before the scaffolding inside the building is taken away.  The scaffolding allows easy access for scrubbing clean and oiling the old wooden trusses, so we should take full advantage of its presence.  Similarly we need to complete the high level re-pointing work on the outside walls before the scaffolding is removed.

Club members have already given many hours of work to this project, and your continued support is much appreciated.  Further group emails will be posted requesting assistance during the week and at weekends, so please keep an eye open for such messages.

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